Music Videos

23rd November 2016

Lower School Choir perform at Churchfields Infants’ School

The Lower School Choir were a little nervous about singing to their old teachers, but they were determined to show their ability. A few pupils sang solos so beautifully and more importantly with confidence. Their old teachers and infant children were very impressed.

4th November 2016

Upper School Choir Perform at Churchfields Infants’ School

The Upper School Choir were invited to perform at Churchfields Infants’ School. They behaved impeccably throughout and looked as smart as ever. Their singing was incredible and they were very confident when they sang “Heroes.”

19th October 2016

5S perform Gather for the Harvest

The main ‘hook’ of this song came from the natural rhythm of a list of harvest crops (wheat, corn , radish, potato). We then followed this with a list of autumn colours (gold, red, orange and brown) to complete an answering phrase.

5Ea perform We Know It’s Autumn

This song has balanced phrases in both verse and chorus where the answering phrase keeps the same lyric. In the verse the answering phrase is ‘Because it’s autumn’ and in the chorus it is, ‘It’s harvest’. The question and answering phrases are sung by different groups in the chorus and this emphasises this technique.

5Ed perform The Cycle of Harvest

The main idea for the chorus of this song came from the half-rhyme ‘Grow wheat, row, and reap’. This rhyme seemed to suit a syncopated and swung rhythm. This gave the song a jazzy feel. We also used this rhyme for our instrumental introduction.