Year 6 Media Day Videos

The videos below showcase the work of our Year 6 children at the Drama Centre. They spent a day creating unique media productions.

18th July 2016

Churchfields News Flash

Miss Adebanjo brought the second half of 6A where they professionally reported hilarious events , playground activities and school dinners. They created the entire thing themselves and did themselves proud.

29th June 2016

CJS News Round

Explore the world of Churchfields Junior School as 6H talk all about it on their live broadcast. Miss Harris took half of 6H to the Drama Centre to create CJS Newsround.

CJS Reality

Miss Marcus took half of 6H to the Redbridge Drama Centre to film the amazing CJS Reality news programme. With the use of a green screen and high tech camera equipment, we designed, directed and produced this live broadcast all in 1 day.

CJS Live

Find out how this half of 6G got on when they made their news programme about school clubs, the Redbridge Mini Games and the Year 6 Leaver’s School Prom. While Mr Grieve offered his help, they presented, filmed and edited the whole thing themselves!

School News Round

Miss Rawlins took half of 6R to the drama centre for a challenging day creating their own newscast. See all of their incredible efforts as they report on life at Churchfields including: Rhos-y-Gwaliau, a cross-curricula science workshop, a very comprehensive football report and much more. Enjoy!

Fire Nation News

Mr May led this half of 6G at the Redbridge the Drama Centre where they reported on phones in school, transition to secondary schools and school dinners. Once again the children learned a whole range of new skills and put it together in just one day.

CFS News

Discover what the school is really built on, what the year 6’s did after SATS and what students really think about Churchfields Junior School. Ms Adebanjo leads half of 6A on an adventure to make a news show!

Churchfields Junior news

Watch as this half of 6R showcase their incredible media skills – producing, filming and presenting this entire newscast themselves. Learn about their time in Year 6 as they communicate a fantastic year full of trips, new experiences and reminiscing about some fantastic memories.