Art Technicians

Who We Are

We are a group of creative individuals that work together to form the Art Technicians. Our role is to keep the school displays beautifully organised and ensure all of our work is presented to an exceptionally high standard.

What We Do

We work with Mrs Thornton and Miss Edwards to learn about different aspects of presentation. We discuss how to exhibit art work effectively and create engaging displays. During our weekly sessions, we practise a number of technical skills, such as calligraphy and mounting pictures. We also want to make sure our school environment remains spectacular and regularly monitor the condition of our corridor displays.

Boy cutting paper

Make A Difference

Make A Difference:

– Learn calligraphy using a variety of mediums (paintbrushes, pens etc.)

– Discuss the impact of different technical display features

– Mount and double mount art work

– Create display borders

– Choose appropriate colour palettes for given displays

– Paint display backdrops

– Design our own display boards