postheadericon Year 6 – Rhos Y Gwaliau

This is the presentation given to Year 5 parents this morning, on our residential visit to Rhos Y Gwaliau.


postheadericon Bella Field – RIBI Young Citizen Award Recipient – Speech in São Paulo

postheadericon ITV Competition Entry

ITV Competition Entry


postheadericon May Newsletter

May News

postheadericon Chicks come to Year 3


Nothing could have prepared Year 3 for the awe and wonder of watching the baby chicks slowly work their way out of their eggs.

We watched with baited breath as the eggs wobbled and cracked and gave out small cheers at the first sight of a beak or wing.

The magic of watching an egg crack and a new life emerge goes above and beyond the expectations of the curriculum and is a memorable life experience.

From the moment they were hatched, the chicks immediately stole our hearts; they have united children and staff throughout the school and provided some much needed stress relief for children (and their teachers) during assessment week.

Miss Higgins is incredibly lucky – she is going to keep her group of chicks so we will be kept up-to date with their progress and may even receive the occasional piece of Chick Mail!

Thank you to the Happy Chick Company for providing Year 3 with memories that will last a lifetime.


Miss Brown and the Year 3 Team.

postheadericon BLEW THE AUDIENCE AWAY!

On 19th May there was the Redbridge Schools’ Recorder Festival at St Mary’s Church. At about 1:15pm the children went for a practice/rehearsal. The atmosphere was very good (and a little tense).clip_image001

The practice itself was fantastic. Also, attending the practice were a few other schools and Mrs Goble.
Then at 7:15pm was the real thing. The atmosphere was electric and there were some senior players on the treble (an instrument about double the size of a normal recorder).

During our performance it was tense as someone could blow too hard on their recorder. Otherwise, it was perfect and the audience where great.

It was not only recorders, but from another school, there was a choir who sang three songs, one even in Spanish! A group of teachers played, ‘My Bonnie Lives Over The Ocean,’ on the recorder. The performance lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Altogether the performance was absolutely stunning. Everybody did their best and blew the audience back!


Grace Year 4

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postheadericon Funky Beats

garageband-iOSWe are a school that is known for our creativity and music. As such, we are always looking for new ways to express that creativity and perform our music. Miss George’s class has been working with Garage Band, an iPad app, over the last few weeks to both compose and perform new electronic-infused tracks.

You can hear some of the results below:

postheadericon The Hobbit

4N with the cast

Today the whole school enjoyed a wonderful performance of The Hobbit. Highlights included the slaying of the dragon and the battle to protect the ring from Gollum.


postheadericon March News – Now Available

March News

postheadericon Connect It

It was a bright sunny Friday morning without clouds or rain. All 480 children assembled in the playground to perform “Connect It”, a dance based on one of the BBC Ten Pieces, this followed weeks of rehearsal and careful choreography from Emma Jane Bradley.

The dance was a real success and it was amazing to see the synergy of all 16 classes performing together.

Well done to all of the children and Mrs Bradley for all of the hard work.

Alternative – close up version

postheadericon Thank You for Wearing your Hat Today

Wear a Hat Day - Cover Picture

Staff and teachers looked fantastic today. It was a colourful and eclectic display of homemade creations and wacky shop bought head gear. The donations and sales of merchandise have helped us raise a good deal of cash for Brain Tumour Research, a charity that is very dear to the school.

Look out for a report by one of our pupils in an up and coming newsletter.


The school raised over £700 pounds on the day – this is fantastic!

postheadericon Solar Eclipse

This morning we will witness the historic solar eclipse. The teachers will be talking to the children about this event and we will use resources such as the video below to talk about what it is and the safety aspects associated with the event.

Children should never look directly at the eclipse.