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March News

postheadericon Connect It

It was a bright sunny Friday morning without clouds or rain. All 480 children assembled in the playground to perform “Connect It”, a dance based on one of the BBC Ten Pieces, this followed weeks of rehearsal and careful choreography from Emma Jane Bradley.

The dance was a real success and it was amazing to see the synergy of all 16 classes performing together.

Well done to all of the children and Mrs Bradley for all of the hard work.

Alternative – close up version

postheadericon Thank You for Wearing your Hat Today

Wear a Hat Day - Cover Picture

Staff and teachers looked fantastic today. It was a colourful and eclectic display of homemade creations and wacky shop bought head gear. The donations and sales of merchandise have helped us raise a good deal of cash for Brain Tumour Research, a charity that is very dear to the school.

Look out for a report by one of our pupils in an up and coming newsletter.


The school raised over £700 pounds on the day – this is fantastic!

postheadericon Solar Eclipse

This morning we will witness the historic solar eclipse. The teachers will be talking to the children about this event and we will use resources such as the video below to talk about what it is and the safety aspects associated with the event.

Children should never look directly at the eclipse.

postheadericon Flagging Up our Entry

Churchfields Junior flag.jpg-pwrt2

The project featured in the local Guardian. Read all about it by clicking on the picture

The School Council recently entered a flag designing competition representing Redbridge. The competition involved one school in each constituency
in the UK and we are one of them!  Different schools are representing different areas.

The prize was for the School Council to get to visit Parliament and also to get the flag on Magna Carta Foundation of Liberty Commemorative Event. The event will be managed by the National Trust and Surrey Council. This event is also celebrating the 800-year anniversary of the Magna Carta Foundation of Liberty.



The flag design












Our flag has a bold red bridge in the middle, with the River Roding running under the bridge. It also has the Churchfields leaf, which is an oak leaf, above the red bridge.


Members of the school Council creating the flag

We have had fun creating the flag!

postheadericon Choir Open Redbridge Singing Festival

Blue background

This week our choir joined a number of other schools for the biannual Redbridge Key Stage 2 Singing Festival. The event held at Saint Marys was opened by our choristers with a wonderful rendition of the Churchfields Favourite “Let it Go”

It was a wonderful event and another fine showcase of our talented choir. Thanks to Miss George and Mel Field for the continued hard work and dedication.


postheadericon Comic Relief

Comic relief

postheadericon Isabella Wins Young Citizen Awards 2014

Congratulation to Isabella Field, who was awarded the Ilford Recorder Young Citizen award last night.

bella in recorder.jpg

More news and an in-depth interview in the Ilford Recorder


postheadericon Sport and Physical Education Funding

postheadericon February Newsletter

newsletter february

postheadericon Meeting a Dinosaur

On a wet Thursday morning we headed off to meet a trex_natural_history_museumdinosaur! We hopped on the tube for an hour or so.
When we arrived it was a windy day, it was as if a leaf blower was in our faces! We travelled down a long
tunnel to the ground entrance of the Natural History Museum! When we entered we were greeted by the
huge Stegosaurus skeleton that was waiting for us. We then went over to the insect department where we
were given a warm welcome from a huge animatronic scorpion and a huge colony of fire ants. After the insect exhibits we ran, or should I say flew, over to the birds exhibition and looked at some huge stuffed birds, including an ostrich and two adorable dodo birds!

Finally, we went to a very special workshop where we analysed fossils and insects in glass boxes and it was an incredible amount of fun.Then we looked through a microscope! It was a memorable day, meeting a dinosaur.
Leo and Gabriel Year 6

postheadericon Ofsted Report 2014/2015



On December 10th 2014, the school was visited by a team from Ofsted for a two day school inspection.logo outstanding

The inspection team judged the school to be Outstanding.

A selection of quotes from the Ofsted report are shown in the slides above. You can also read the full document by clicking on the icon below:

Sir Michael Wilshaw Letter

Sir Michael Wilshaw Letter

Rt Hon Nicky Morgan Ofsted Congratulations Letter

Rt Hon Nicky Morgan Ofsted Congratulations Letter

Rt Hon David Laws Pupil Premium Congratulations letter

Rt Hon David Laws Pupil Premium Congratulations letter


Ofsted Report 2015

postheadericon Let’s Dance.


We are Jane Pfaff and Jeremy Mason of Let’s Dance.

We regularly go into schools (a day or two at a time) to teach English folk dance, but this year we were asked to come to Churchfields Junior School for a week in January.

This was not our first visit to Woodford – a few years ago we took our maypole to a birthday party at South Woodford Scout Hut. Maybe it was a recommendation from that event that meant we turned up at Churchfields.

It has been a great experience. The school arranged a dedicated teacher, Mrs Bradley, to take away all the worries of admin and organised a timetable which was realistic and flexible. It gave the chance to stretch the pupils and give them the opportunity to show their own initiative in working in small groups. It was clear that they do a significant amount of dance in the way they moved, responded to instructions and rose to the challenge of the wide range of dance styles and the music.

We write this while waiting for the final afternoon presentation by each of the classes. If the children’s experience is anything like ours, they will remember it with affection for a long time.


Jane Pfaff and Jeremy Mason of Let’s Dance